Effects of alcohol has on you (by drink)

Use this as a rough guide on what will happen after having that number of drinks:

2 drinks – You relax and start to lose your sense of judgement.

3 drinks – Reduced activation in your right inferior frontal cortex helps the inhibitions drain away.

4 drinks – Brain doesn’t pay enough attention to negative feedback; have trouble evaluating risk and reward.

5 drinks – Memory being to power down (i.e. recall fewer details); your amygdala (i.e. brain’s early warning system for danger) is starting to deactivate.

6 drinks – Have problems keeping your balance; become more aggressive than usual; have water retention in frontal lobe, middle cerebellar peduncle and thalamus which result in exaggerated moods and trouble with motor control.

7 drinks – Body starts expelling the toxins (via vomitting).

10 drinks – (For people in northern climates) Can develop hypothermia as the body rapidly loses heat due to blood vessel dilation; memory becomes selective (fragmentary) or totally incapacitated.

12 drinks – Become emotionally numb; reflexes serverly impaired; may urinate uncontrollably.

16 drinks – Don’t know where you are, muscle coordination problems, blurred or double vision and convulsions, may pass out.

18 drinks – Impaired as you would be under surgical anesthesia.

20+ drinks – Lungs can shut down, gaga reflex is suppressed and may choke on vomit; BP is dangerously low; risk coma or death.

– The above was extracted from Men’s Health USA Apr 2013

Conclusion: Don’t over drink.



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The Death of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs,

the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford of our time has passed away.

Reminds me,

that our lives on earth is short – make it worthwhile because it won’t stay.


When I received news that he was dead, I went to read the various articles written about him and I think this is probably the best tribute to him. See http://gizmodo.com/5838847/steve-jobs-is-dead

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Stocktake on Jurong Island

I was booked for a stocktake which was carried out from yesterday to today on Jurong Island. The staff involved were the technicians (the people who do this on a daily basis), internal auditors (client’s employees from other departments) and us (the external auditors).  Each team should have a technician and an internal auditor. It was a very tiring stocktake because we had to climb oil tanks (collectively, as tall as Swissotel). The highlight of this stocktake was when I observed this conversation during lunch break:

Singaporean: Wow, it’s a very hot day today right?

China man: Yes.

Singaporean: I sweat a lot. Was it like that yesterday?

China man: Yes.

(they carried on eating)

Singaporean: My legs are killing me. Are yours hurting as well?

China man: Yes.

Singaporean: I pity the technicians. They have to do this everyday.

China man: Yes.

(China man went to get a drink and came back)

Singaporean: So did you climb a lot of tanks this morning?

China man: Yes.

Singaporean: So how many did you climb?

China man: Yes.

(Singaporean went to get a drink and never came back)

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Life in the wilderness of audit

On 7 Dec 09, I was officially transferred to audit. The entire month was fantastic. I was paid a month’s salary to sit at a desk and listen. I wished it was longer.

I was actually excited to enter the “wilderness of audit” when I started real work in Jan 10. However, my excitement was short-lived. It has officially ended today. I ended working till 1am and I am so tired that I don’t wanna go to work anymore.

Anyway, need to sleep. Goodnight.

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The Bonia Lady

Today, I went to Bukit Batok Driving Centre for a basic theory revision. Everything seemed normal and I expected the lesson to be boring. I was wrong.

 About 30 minutes into the lesson, a lady in her early-thirties (who looks 8-10 times uglier than Ris Low) entered the class and apologised to the instructor for being late. She then strut (yes, strut. Not walk.) to her seat. She place her left hand on her hip and forcefully strut down the centre of the classroom. For a moment, I thought an elephant was entering the room.

 Halfway through the lesson, the instructor explained the meaning of a diagram – a letter ‘B’ lighted in green next to a traffic light. He then went on to mention that there is one located around Lau Pa Sat area. The lady immediately asked, “Izzit? How come I never see before? I used to work there 10 years ago but ne’er see that kind of traffic light. Is it inside Lau Pa Sat?”

 Before the class ended, the instructor flashed a slide stating his email address (just in-case we have any queries) with a background of a beautiful Nissan sports car. The lady immediately commented proudly, “That’s my favourite car. I’ve sat in it before.” The instructor then went on to ask if she knows the brand of the car. “Of course, it’s a ferlalli”, she replied confidently.

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Happy day

Today, I felt the building sway again. But that was not the highlight of the day. Towards the end of the day, I picked up courage to ask my boss for a transfer. And…. he agreed! I was very glad that he was so supportive. Thank God for that. Cannot stop smiling after that (I even smiled throughout my bus ride home).


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I felt the earth move under my feet

Today I felt the earth move under my feet. I was in the office when i felt the building sway. As a result, my colleagues and I had headache. So the next time u experience a tremor….. remember to take panadol or apply “feng you”.

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